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Citra is co-developed and co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research and UNDP. The Lab is staffed with a unique team comprising of individuals with various expertise including Sociology, Data Science, Behavioral Psychology, Digital Design, Development Economics, International Relations, and Gender Studies. The Lab also works closely with its network of partners, both locally and internationally, to bring value-addition to the solutions being developed. Through this vibrant composition Citra can work through a holistic approach and find comprehensive solutions to the development challenges of Sri Lanka.

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Key focal agency to advise on design and testing of innovations and provide relevant technical expertise by tapping into its network of 177 country offices globally

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Ministry of Science, Technology and Research

Government partner which supports in terms of co-financing and guiding the work of the Lab, along with identifying potential problem areas

The Team

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Fadhil Bakeer Markar

Lab Lead a.i. / Partnerships Analyst, UNDP

Instrumental in the establishment of Citra, Fadhil has been championing innovation efforts within UNDP and in Sri Lanka since 2014, and is currently the UNDP Partnerships Analyst, while also providing guidance and leadership to the Lab team

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Ayushka Nugaliyadda


Ayushka lends her background in Development Economics and prior work experience at UNDP’s Policy Unit to the ongoing work of Citra, as well as work closely with the Lab Lead to facilitate greater private sector engagement with the Lab


Naduni Wickramaarachchi


As the Sociologist in the team, Naduni conducts analysis of developmental issues undertaken by Citra. She brings a wealth of experience from working at the Parliament of Sri Lanka, and continues to study the interaction between societal trends and issues on the ground

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Milinda de Silva


Develops advocacy and outreach material, and works closely with the Communications focal point to maintain the digital presence of the Lab. His experiences in designing for numerous UN agencies supports him when it comes to visualizing Citra’s work in an accessible manner

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Kulani Abendroth-Dias

Behavioral Psychologist

Kulani applies behavioral science principles to understand and nudge behaviors that yield outcomes conducive to human welfare and successful development solutions. Her invaluable experiences working at global institutions pioneering in this field adds greatly to her work at Citra

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Gemunu Premarathne


With expertise in Data Science and prior experiences in the Private Sector, Gemunu brings the essential data component to all of the initiatives undertaken by the Lab to ensure prototypes developed are evidence-based and data-driven


Kulunu Jayamanne


Focusing predominantly on the National Youth Social Innovation Challenge, Kulunu coordinates and builds partnerships around this initiative which aims to identify and strengthen young entrepreneurs all across the country using technology and innovation to find development solutions

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Kithmini Nissanka


Working closely with Kulunu, Kithmini contributes to the everyday implementation work of the Innovation Challenge and documents the impact it strives to create. With her experience working in the public sector, she works effectively with the Ministry involved in this initiative, along with other partners

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Yasas Thalagala

Project Coordinator

Yasas is Citra’s focal point when liaising with the multi-sectoral stakeholders of the Lab. Coming from an Engineering background, his meticulous and detail-oriented organization skills helps in his everyday work of coordinating the Lab’s processes and interventions


Deshani Senanayake

Communications and Knowledge Management Associate

In addition to handling the daily internal and external communication initiatives, Deshani is working on establishing an effective and convenient system through which the Lab can manage the knowledge it produces, within the team and with external actors



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